About Us

Ultra Studio & Digital Lab is a division of the parent company Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. which offers world-class post production services for the entertainment industry not just in India, but also all over the world. From Scanning, Digitization and Restoration to 3D Conversion and VFX, we provide everything under the sun for your post-production needs.

What makes us different from other studios is our attitude for achieving quality output in every project we undertake. Backed by several years of experience, world-class technology and a professional team, we have become one of the most trusted post production studios with several happy clients.

Over the years, Ultra has mastered the techniques of film restoration and coloration like nobody else. Catching the pulse of modern trends and technologies in the Entertainment industry has been our trump card. There is no stopping us and we move along with what's now and trending.

Learning is a continual process which we believe in. We keep in mind all the specifications and requirements of our clients and aim at delivering nothing less than the best, be it aesthetically or technically. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals and are always ready to understand what the project needs.