Very often we hear of blockbuster movies that make crores of rupees within just a few weeks. The most recent examples would be films like Bahubali, Dangal, Tiger Zinda Hai etc. which performed amazingly well at the box-office. In Bollywood, the success of a film depends a lot on the stars who act in them. But slowly, there has been a demand for good content-driven films as well.

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Some movies have the power to transport you to a different world altogether. From the moment the film begins till the final credits, they keep you on the edge of your seats. The characters, plot and story can make you forget your worries for the next two to three hours. Entertainment is something that all of us crave for once in a while.

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Making a film is hard-work as people’s blood and sweat goes into it. Sleepless nights, hours of brain-storming for ideas and endless cups of coffee, all contribute to making a highly successful film. However, the process of film-making is not complete until film-scanning is done. Film-scanning is a process where the original film goes through digitization.

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Cinema can be broadly classified as realistic films and “out of the world” films. There is an audience for all kinds of cinema as new distribution channels have opened up exciting opportunities for new-age film makers. While the market for realistic films is growing strong, people still love watching “Larger than life films” with great special effects and action sequences.

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Film making is not as easy as it sounds. It requires teamwork and immense co-ordination between different teams. Many of us think that most of the effort is generally spent on shooting sets. But that is rarely the case.

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In any audio-visual medium, producers generally have the tendency to pay attention to the visual aspects more than the audio. They are so engrossed in fixing the visual appeal of a film that they sideline the process of sound engineering and design. People tend to forget that sound plays a very important role in creating the right kind of impact in the minds of audiences.

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Cinema has evolved with time over several decades now. The Cinema experience has changed drastically today with the advent of digitization. Making movies has become a lot easier due to the introduction of digital technology and inventions. No matter how far we get in terms of modernisation, old classics will still have their place in our hearts.

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Some movies fall under the category of a ‘must watch’ but sometimes things don’t go as planned and we come across many obstacles. Sometimes, the picture print is too hazy and sometimes the audio runs fast before the actual dialogue delivery. But thankfully there are certain things we can control such as subtitling of a movie.

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Films with great visuals but pathetic sound will pinch you bad in the long run. The quality of any film depends a lot on audio as well since sound affects human senses at a much deeper level. Location sound or live sound is being used by most film makers in India today. It gives audiences a more realistic feel about the film. But many-a-times, dialogues get lost behind different kinds of background noises.

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Digital is the way ahead and there are absolutely no two ways about it. Though, the richness of film cameras has not lost its charm, digital cameras have become the favourites of new-age film-makers and producers who are looking to churn out good films within a tight budget. The scenario has become much better these days when it comes to storing film-prints as well.

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