Some movies fall under the category of a ‘must watch’ but sometimes things don’t go as planned and we come across many obstacles. Sometimes, the picture print is too hazy and sometimes the audio runs fast before the actual dialogue delivery. But thankfully there are certain things we can control such as subtitling of a movie.

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Films with great visuals but pathetic sound will pinch you bad in the long run. The quality of any film depends a lot on audio as well since sound affects human senses at a much deeper level. Location sound or live sound is being used by most film makers in India today. It gives audiences a more realistic feel about the film. But many-a-times, dialogues get lost behind different kinds of background noises.

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Digital is the way ahead and there are absolutely no two ways about it. Though, the richness of film cameras has not lost its charm, digital cameras have become the favourites of new-age film-makers and producers who are looking to churn out good films within a tight budget. The scenario has become much better these days when it comes to storing film-prints as well.

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The new wave of Indie Cinema has hit the Indian film industry. If you analyse the trends in Movie Business for the past last few years, you will notice that content has taken centre stage. Many low budget films are doing great business. Gone are the times when big banners and superstars were the only driving factors for a film’s success.

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No one wants to miss the thrill of watching a great action film, nor does anybody want to miss experiencing an engaging period film. The multi-crorer Bahubali is the perfect example which broke all kinds of box office records all over the world! Similarly, well-made suspense-horror films

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To answer that question, let’s answer another question! How is a good film made? Many experts from the industry say that post production is one of the most crucial aspects of a film. Various processes take place during this phase, like editing, sound engineering, music, dubbing, visual effects, colour grading, stereo sound output, DCP etc.

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The films have a deep impact on our souls, for the way they showcase emotions and carry out tales that live in our hearts forever. And as time passes by, we worry about old classics being a thing of the past. But fret not; film restoration is our caped superhero to the rescue.

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We are now entering an age where technology is driving you ahead at the speed of light. You will be miles away from where you are today, tomorrow. When everything around you is changing for the better at such a fast pace, why should movie production lag behind? What can be achieved today using technology during post-production is simply unimaginable.

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It goes without saying that the best movies that you might have seen till date have been made because of some magic that was created during the post production stage. Every filmmaker or production house knows how important this stage of the film is. You can’t really afford to take the wrong step! It is make or break.

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Darwin had once derived the ‘survival of the fittest’ concept or the theory of evolution. Everything needs to change with time and those who resist this change will have to face the consequence of becoming obsolete.

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