How is 2d To 3d Conversion Done in Films?

Technology can literally create magic! The evolution of Cinema over the years with the help of technology has truly been outstanding. One such mind-blowing technology is 2d to 3d conversion. In the initial years, the projection of 2D cinema was itself very challenging. Then came a phase in the last twenty years, when 3D films started gaining popularity. Today, we have come several miles ahead as we have successfully managed to accomplish conversion of 2d to 3d cinema. Ultra has the right kind of equipment, machines and talent to offer world-class 2d To 3d conversion services in India. Let’s take a look at how we achieved this remarkable feat.

How It Works
3d stereoscopic conversion is a process through which the human brain is tricked by showing two separate images to each eye. You might have noticed that a pair of 3D glasses has two different shades on each side, blue and red. The 3D film has certain blue and certain red elements. The blue elements are filtered through the blue side of your glasses while the red elements are filtered through the red side. In this way, both your eyes view different dimensions of the same object, which gives us a sense of depth and a third dimension.

How We Do It
Every frame of a 2D film is separately processed to create two different images for both the eyes. We have the latest softwares that are required for 3d conversion and have a highly experienced team that has already worked on several challenging projects. The 2d to 3d conversion services that we provide take into consideration the aesthetics of your film to ensure that the output is exceptional and at the same time, believable as well. We are very flexible and consider all creative suggestions so that the conversion is done as per the filmmaker’s vision. 2d to 3d video conversion requires a lot of effort, creativity and attention to details. We apply all these three aspects on every project that we take up to ensure that the quality of output is never compromised.

Apart from 2d 3d conversion, we also offer end-to-end post production services such as film restoration, film colorization, rotoscopy , audio restoration and much more. So, if you are looking for 2d to 3d video conversion in India or any other post production services at a reasonable pricing, then get in touch with our team right away!

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