Digital Audio Restoration is an Art That We’ve Mastered

Sound is a very crucial aspect that separates good films from ordinary ones. It plays at a subconscious level of viewers and keeps them engaged. Today, most producers and filmmakers prefer sync sound over audio dubbing to achieve a more realistic feel for their film. A few decades ago, audio dubbing was the only option available. The final print of any movie had a video track and an audio track which were converted to visuals and sound when they were played through a projector. However, analogue tapes start degrading over a period of time and sometimes the audio tracks get damaged as a result. This leads to unwanted background noise which can disturb audiences in an annoying way. Digital audio restoration is a process through which these unwanted elements can be cleared and rectified. Ultra Digital Studio offers world-class Digital Audio Restoration Services that can rectify sound issues that are persistent in degrading analogue tapes.

Retaining Aesthetics
If you are looking for Audio Restoration Services In India, then Ultra Digital Studio, is one of the few companies that focuses on retaining the aesthetics of your film. After digitizing your film, we look at every minute aspect of your sound track and work towards giving you a clean output, without compromising on the aesthetics of sound like maintaining levels, overlaps etc.

Great Team, Best Software
After working on many acclaimed national as well as international projects over several years now, Ultra has earned its name as an audio restoration company that offers some of the Best Digital Audio Restoration Services in India. We have the perfect combination of a highly experienced team of professionals and the latest software to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the end result.

Quality Output
There are many studios that offer Digital Audio Restoration Services in India, but we are among the very few which ensures a quality output all the time. We consider the audience’s perspective before finalizing anything so that the project is not affected by any means. Our team is very flexible and open to discussions for ensuring that everyone is working towards achieving a quality output.

Awards and Recognition
Ultra has restored cult classics like Pyasaa and has also won international awards for the effort. This proves the fact that our audio restoration services maintain the highest international standards. Our partners and clients are extremely happy, due to which, they trust us for their upcoming restoration projects as well.

To know more about Digital Audio Restoration and our other Film Post Production Services, get in touch with us now! Here’s how Ultra earned its name as one of the leading companies to provide world-class Digital Audio Restoration services in India.

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