Digital Film Scanning that Harnesses the Power of Technology

The rich history of Indian Cinema is celebrated all over the world. From great filmmakers like Satyajit Ray and Bimal Roy, to classic cults like Mughal-e-Azam, our country has truly produced some of the finest works. As we keep advancing in the field of entertainment, it becomes our responsibility to revive and protect these treasures. Through the process of digital scanning and digitization, the negatives and positives of old films can be restored. Ultra has been one of the oldest and most reliable digital studios which offer world-class best film scanning services in India. Here are the reasons why you should choose Ultra Digital Studio when it comes to film restoration or film scanning.

Professional Outlook
We have been delivering quality Film Digitization Services in India for quite some time now and have also worked on several challenging national as well as international projects. Some of our works have received international awards too. Our team of highly trained professionals take into consideration every minute detail apart from the aesthetics. We work day-in and day-out to not just restore the original quality of the prints but also enhance it to the next level. When you are scanning a film to digital formats, you need a quality-conscious team and the latest film scanner. You would find that wonderful combination at Ultra.

Systematic Procedure
We offer the film scanning services because we follow a very disciplined process. We start by studying the source material in detail and then start working on film repairs by getting rid of scratches and other disturbances. Then we use Ultrasonic Film Cleaning Technology to enhance the prints. Only after we are happy with the results of the restoration process, do we go ahead with digital film scanning. Finally, once the entire film is scanned, we transfer the data into a hard drive safely.

High-End Technology
There are many post production companies which claim to offer quality digital film scanning services in India, but they are not equipped with the latest technology. We make use of ARRISCAN which is capable of 2K/4K High Resolution film scanning. We have powerful machines to process 16mm, Super 16 & 35mm for both Black & White and Colour Films. You can be assured about the quality and detailed output as we offer full-Density 16-bit exposure scans. We have provisions for Sprocketless Transport and use high power LEDs which reduce scratches without generating heat.

We believe that the younger generation should be aware about the history of Indian Cinema. With this perspective in mind, we have given a new life to several beautiful films through our Digital Film Scanning Service. Our no-compromise attitude towards work has earned us trust and respect over the years. So, if you have been looking for Film Scanning Services in India, get in touch with us now!

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