Experience the Magic of Film Scanning and Digitization at Ultra!

Digital is the way ahead and there are absolutely no two ways about it. Though, the richness of film cameras has not lost its charm, digital cameras have become the favourites of new-age film-makers and producers who are looking to churn out good films within a tight budget. The scenario has become much better these days when it comes to storing film-prints as well.

Back in those days, original negatives had to be preserved with utmost care. Negatives are much more precious as they allow you to make multiple original prints by maintaining the same picture quality. But the downside of film negatives is that, they could start degrading with time. Digital Film Scanning Services offered at Ultra helps in reviving negatives and digitizing them to retain their quality forever! You will find several Film Scanning Services in India, but what makes us stand apart from the rest our experienced team geared up with world-class technology!


The range of Scanning Services that we offer at Ultra include everything from Re-orientation

Cropping, Scratch and dust removal to color correction and Red-eye removal. The amount of effort that goes into making a movie is unimaginable and degradation of film negatives can completely ruin everything. If you are looking for film scanning services in India, then Ultra is where you need to be. With years of experience in working for esteemed national and international projects, we have all that it takes to bring back the true magic of your film on silver screen. After opting for Film Scanning & Film Digitization services at Ultra, you can forget all your worries about preserving your prints once and for all. The moment you have digitized your films, they will stay fresh forever and will not deteriorate like film negatives.


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