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Technology has changed the face of cinema worldwide. Gone are the days when action sequences and special effects looked artificial. Modern softwares and techniques have evolved to such a great extent that movies look more believable and real. Audiences today are exposed to quality cinema, which is why it becomes even more important to maintain quality standards when it comes to post production and special effects. Rotoscoping is one such area which has helped in achieving a realistic output when it comes to action/ adventure films. When you compare recent superhero films with those from the past, you will realise how far we have come in VFX animation and VFX rotoscoping.

The Art of Rotoscoping
Many people have a misconception that Rotoscoping is a very technical task and does not involve any kind of creativity. This is not at all true. Basic rotoscopy involves the process of removing unwanted safety wires or similar objects and replacing them with a suitable background. Rotoscopy artists not only work on each and every frame of the film to remove these elements but also do the necessary touch up to ensure that each frame looks believable and realistic. They make necessary adjustments to lighting, get rid of shadows if any and also ensure that there is no discontinuity in the complete action.

Quality has become Essential
If budget is a constraint, then you should definitely reconsider the idea of making an action film with a mediocre studio, because that decision could backfire and turn out to be disastrous. With the kind of competition that the entertainment industry faces today, it becomes absolutely important to work with the best VFX studio that offers quality rotoscoping services. There are many rotoscoping & paint services in India because more and more international studios are looking for affordable options. Ultra offers the Best rotoscoping services in India and has the experience of working on several acclaimed national as well as international projects. The difference between rotoscopy services offered by renowned VFX studios and that offered by a small time studio becomes very evident.

Find the right Team and Technology
Many vfx studios in Mumbai understand the basics of Rotoscoping in after effects but are unable to keep up with the vision of your film. Producers and investors feel the pinch when they choose a vfx studio without doing proper research and end up exhausting their budget. Many of them even have to unfortunately scrap their projects mid way. Finding the right team and technology becomes crucial when it comes to choosing vfx services right from the beginning. We are one of the leading post production studios that offer quality Rotoscoping Services in India at a reasonable cost. Our highly skilled rotoscoping artists don’t just understand the vision of your film but also work within your budget. We don’t just have the latest rotoscoping after effects software but also have powerful machines to execute your projects within a timeframe.

Rotoscoping services are still evolving with time. We are among the top Post production companies in India that strives towards keeping up with the changing trends in the industry to achieve quality output. Get in touch with us now to know more about our rotoscopy services.

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