Looking for VFX Studios in India? Look no Further!

No one wants to miss the thrill of watching a great action film, nor does anybody want to miss experiencing an engaging period film. The multi-crorer Bahubali is the perfect example which broke all kinds of box office records all over the world! Similarly, well-made suspense-horror films

also have huge worldwide audiences. Ever wondered what’s the common link between all these genres of films? It is the film’s visual aesthetics that takes you to a whole new world and makes you believe in superheroes. So, what makes them so visually appealing and genuine? “VFX” is where the real answer lies! VFX studios working on these projects take on the mammoth responsibility to introduce you to a new level of entertainment.


There are many vfx studios in India which have worked on renowned Indian as well as foreign films. Ultra VFX studios are equipped with the latest technology and expertise to transform an ordinary looking film into a masterpiece. Rotoscoping services are a type of VFX service offered by Ultra which is used to recreate unimaginable scenarios and locations. Today, there is no need for filmmakers to construct huge sets worth crores of rupees. Almost everything can be achieved by shooing on croma. Using rotoscoping services, green screen backgrounds used in croma shoots are replaced by digitally created virtual elements. When you are looking for vfx studios in India, make sure to analyse their past work experience and portfolio. At the end of the day, the vfx services that you opt for need to make visuals look real and believable. Apart from that, vfx studios work on each and every frame of your film, making it very tedious and expensive affair. There are many vfx studios that offer rotoscoping services in India, but you need to be 100 percent sure from the word go, or else, you and your producer might end up burning a lot of money.

We at Ultra are equipped with the latest technology, software’s, machines and VFX artists that can end your search for the best VFX studios in India right away! Apart from that, we have worked on several esteemed national as well as international projects that speak volumes of our calibre. Contact us now!

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