Preserving the True Essence of Cinema through Audio Restoration Services

Audio always comes first whenever we refer to any kind of an Audio Visual medium. Sound and music plays a very vital role in films. This is because sound creates a deeper impact on our minds. The real beauty of a movie is not highlighted if the sound quality is poor. Over the years, we have witnessed several classics from the world of cinema. Each one of them has stayed with us for a long period of time.

However, as time progresses, these films may start deteriorating in quality since they are stored in analogue formats or reels. Even audio tracks can be affected due to several external factors and aging of films. It is essential to preserve the history of Cinema if you really want to reach new heights. Ultra Digital Studio offers world-class audio restoration services to get rid of these problems.


Powered by a team of highly experienced professionals, Ultra has made its mark as one of the leading studios of offer top-notch audio tape restoration services. We are also equipped with the latest systems and software to offer quality output when it comes to digital audio restoration. The studio is capable to tackle all kinds of problems like jitter, timing errors, noises from machineries, impulse noises, noises originated in video content, post production, storage and transfer, random video noises in spatial and temporal domain etc. With several years of experience, we have mastered the art of digital audio restoration. Our team has also worked on several national as well as international projects in this category.

When you are working with Ultra Digital Studio, you can always expect a quality output. We strive to achieve perfection and work hand in hand with our clients. Our trained artists also work according to timelines so that the delivery is on time. Some of our clients are extremely happy about our audio tape restoration services and keep coming back for more. We understand the aesthetics and dynamics of sound to ensure that audiences are thoroughly engrossed in the film.

To know in detail about our wide range of audio restoration services, get in touch with us now!

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