Video Editing Services

They say that a movie is made at the edit table. You can’t afford to go wrong during this critical process. Editors arrange pictures and sound in a way that the movie takes shape like the way that it is envisioned by the writer or the director. Ultra is one of the best Editing studios in India which offers affordable video editing services.

Ultra has a very dedicated, talented and experienced team of professionals who have worked on several national and international projects. With the help of experienced video editors and world-class technology we aim at creating the best impact on your audience. As the broadcast television and theatrical features are moving towards high-definition video, this department is equipped with process and editing systems with higher configuration to handle the extreme demands of high-definition format. The department is also equipped with systems to download high-definition videos directly from satellite or fiber optic cable. This makes Ultra one of the best editing studios in India

We keep in mind every aspect of editing like choosing the best footage, creating the flow, adding effects, graphics, music, etc, altering the style, pace or mood of the video and giving the video a particular "angle". During the process much care is taken on a cut, continuity editing, cross cutting, dissolve, editing, errors of continuity, establishing shot, eyeline match, fade, final cut, iris, jump cut, matched cut, montage, rough cut, sequence shot, shot reverse shot cutting and other paramaters.

There are very few video editing studios in India which can match the kind of quality video editing services that we offer at Ultra.