Re-mastering & Digitization

After a period of time, Analog tapes deteriorate or degenerate just like negative prints and its original quality of the content is lost irrespective of the storage conditions. Ultra is the best studio for re-mastering and digitization. Through this process service tapes are converted into digital formats to avoid any further loss in the existing quality of the source material. We have a team of experts along with all kinds of modern equipment and facilities to Convert, Transfer and Digitize all kind of tapes and formats. With years of experience into re-mastering and digitization of films, we offer the best you can expect.

  • For Film & Video: 2”, 1” C, 1” B, U-Matic HB & LB, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVCam, DVCPro, D3, D5, D9, HDCam, VHS, etc.
  • For audio: All types of carriers, analog and digital: 1/4’’ tapes, 33 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm, audio cassette, DAT, VHS audio, etc.

Now you know whom to reach out when you are looking for top video remastering studios in India.