Re-mastering & Digitization

Digital Film Transfer

Transferring digital films and other files has become a challenge when they are too heavy to handle. Archiving them in the right way is very important so that you are not losing crucial data in the future. Ultra has a safe file transfer system to exchange files of large sizes through a secured network connection.

We also have the facility and equipment to transfer the digital files on LTO, Hard Disc and any other format. A strong encryption system is used to protect the content. You can be rest assured that your data is always safe and secured at Ultra Digital Studio. Forget your worries about digital film transfer when we are here.

DVD Blu-ray

The picture quality of your film is best experienced in the Blu-Ray format. It gives you sharp and well-defined images, improving viewing experience to the next level. Ultra is equipped with the best technology for Blu-Ray Mastering & Authoring. Precision and quality is guaranteed to deliver an expanded color range closer to that of the original source material. Our team of experts try to reduce the unwanted noise to enhance sharpness and details using a frame-by-frame compression process.

Analog Transfers

Over a period of time, the quality of analogue tapes deteriorates irrespective of whether or not you are storing them in a suitable condition. That’s the reason why digitization plays a vital role for retaining the existing quality of your videos.

Ultra has expertise in dealing with digitizing analogue content to offer the best possible output using facilities to Convert, Transfer and Digitize all kinds of tapes and formats. Equipped with A-grade technology, Ultra Digital Studio has highly professional experts who have worked on several notable national and international film projects.